The UJJADY Attorneys at Law was founded in the summer of 2016 with a more than twenty years of professional experience of its managing partner. The purpose of the foundation was to establish a law firm based on high level of legal expertise and experience, thereby satisfying our clients’ personal and business needs through providing efficient and solution-oriented legal services.

We continuously strive to create value and deliver outstanding quality for our clients. Our purpose is to provide high-level legal assistance appropriate to the clients’ individual needs in a continuously changing legal and business environment either in cases of long-term or case-by-case assignments. Due to our professional inspiration we provide precisely elaborated and creative legal solutions.

Our firm is primarily engaged in the legal support of the clientele comprising of decisively domestic and multinational companies in the field of business law, particularly in commercial law, property law and labour law matters. With our legal activities we contribute to the business success of startups, medium-sized enterprises and market-leading multinational companies as well. In addition to the above we provide legal advice to Hungarian and foreign private individuals as well as to non-profit organizations and represent them before courts or in out-of-court proceedings.

Our colleagues – while establishing a direct and personal relationship of trust with our clients – apply the western corporate culture in their daily routine previously acquired by them.

We believe in the synergy of theory and practice. Our office is a think tank at the same time, to which the theoretical background is ensured by the continuous professional vocational trainings of our colleagues and the two decades of university lecturing by the managing partner.

In the interest of the even more complete services offered for our clients, we extensively cooperate with recognized domestic and international law firms.

Our firm conducts business with all of our legal services in Hungarian, English and German upon the clients’ concerning request.